Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Mother as an Inspiration

My mom, Janet Watson, is a huge inspiration to me and I can attribute my passion for quilting to her influences.  She is the reason why I quilt today.  She amazes me with her artistic insight and design.  Oh, she will tell you that she isn't good at all, but that is her humble nature and I love that about her.  She isn't a show off so I get to be the show off for her. 

The header picture for this blog is a quilt I finished for her this past June.  As she always states, every quilt should have an applique. Most of her quilts from the past two or three years does include some sort of applique.  Even if it's just a little bird in the corner.   She came up with this design to teach a group she hosts how to make the Delectable Mountains as the border (A Debbie Caffrey inspiration)  There in the middle, her beautiful applique. 

I used double batting on this one.  Warm and Natural 100% cotton on bottom and Hobbs Wool on top.  The wool gives such excellent definition to the quilting and just melts into the quilt nicely when the piece is quilted tightly.  I used King Tut cotton thread as my top thread and So Fine poly thread in the bobbin (my usual combination).

I tend to play with my quilting more on Mom's quilts more than my customers.  I guess because I feel comfortable doing something new with her pieces.  Plus, I don't have many of my own quilts that I've pieced to play with.  Having her as my muse is the best ever.  We tell each other all the time that we make a good team. 


  1. You are both incredbly talented women. I have been inspired by so many of your quilts and love being around you both. I'm hoping some of that talent will rub off.

  2. Ditto that to you Mrs. Ray. It is always such a pleasure and I am blessed to have you in my life.