Thursday, July 10, 2014

Putting the Curve in Crosshatching

During my lectures and workshops, I've had several people ask me how I accomplished curved crosshatching.  You can't imagine how very simple it really is.  Get ya an arched template and curve away.  Right?  Right!  So, to show you how easy peasy it is, I'm posting pictures of Linda's gorgeous Borders quilt where I did a curved crosshatch in the cream border, and showing you step-by-step how I did this.

Linda LaBrot's beautiful Borders Quilt.  Pattern is from Winnie Fleming's Borders Class
I first wanted to create arches throughout the cream border.  Using my favorite purple disappearing ink marker, I used an arch template to mark the double lines to create even arches through the border. 

I sewed these lines creating the arches.  You could easily make this step straight lines as well.  I like using double lines because it defines the arches.

Now it was time to mark the curved crosshatched lines.  Using that fabulous disappearing marker again and the same arch template, I marked the lines following the curve across the arch.  Then turned the arch template over and marked the other way.  Since the arched template I was using does not have any marked lines, I used a piece of painters tape on the template to mark the width of the crosshatches.  

Time to sew...Using the same arch template, I quilted the lines.  I retraced the original arches and the stitch in the ditch at the bottom so I would not have so many starts and stops within such a small space.  

And so I put the curve into crosshatching.  It really is Easy Peasy!

And for your enjoyment, the rest of Linda's stunning Border Quilt.  I had a hard time letting this one go back to her.  I wanted to keep it.


  1. OMG that is amazing. Super clever using the bargello as a feather spine.

  2. Hello again, I have been reading through your blog, you've put up some amazing posts. Very informative. I am excited to see you are an Innova owner. I have a 20 inch Innova. Love that machine. I took a giant leap of faith and imported one direct. No agent here in New Zealand. I am very happy with my choice but sometimes feel a little far away from the Innova community.
    Kind Regards from Down Under

  3. Is there any way to get a patten for this quilt?

  4. Just saw a picture of the quilt above on pinterest. Such a beautiful job of quilting. Thank you for the tutorial

  5. Love this quilt, is there are pattern for this?